N-counter gasket, Gasket installation instructions – Vita-Mix XTG012 User Manual

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Gasket Installation Instructions:

1. Follow the instructions on page 10 on preparing the counter area for the

installation of your In-Counter Blending Station


MP. Also, use the Template

Sheet (provided in your machine’s original package) to assist you in the placement

and ventilation of your machine.

2. Lay the blender on its back with the motor pointing toward you. Allow 1-2 in.

(3 -5 cm) of the motor base to hang over the edge of the counter top to facilitate

easy fitting of the gasket.

3. Slide the power cord through the gasket, with the groove of the gasket pointing

toward the machine base.

4. Starting at one corner of the motor base, press the gasket onto the motor base,

so that the groove in the gasket seats itself onto the stepped bottom edge of the

motor base.

5. Working around the bottom edge of the motor base, press the gasket onto the motor

base until the entire perimeter of the gasket is firmly attached to the motor base.

6. Carefully place the blender into the hole in the counter.

7. Be sure that the gasket is properly seated on the motor base and against the

counter top.

8. Do not secure the machine to the counter with bonding materials.

This gasket was designed to protect your machine from water

damage and to reduce noise. Failure to properly install this gasket

could result in moisture damage.





n-Counter Gasket