Lending tips – Vita-Mix XTG012 User Manual

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If your recipe freezes up, try reducing the amount of ice. Compared to other

blenders, you do not need as much ice to make an equally frozen drink in a

Blending Station




Place liquids and soft foods in your container first. Hard items and ice should

be placed last.


Whole, hard or frozen ingredients should be small. Solid frozen fruit is

extremely difficult to blend. For best results, use semi-frozen fruit. Using same

size batches of semi-frozen fruit and ice will keep your drinks consistent. If you

notice chunks, reevaluate the batch size.


When creating recipes, always allow for enough liquid to ease the blending

process. For recipes with minimal liquid, use the Speed Control buttons to

run the machine on its lowest settings until it is processing smoothly. Finish

blending by using one of the Pre-Set Programs that best matches the

drink’s viscosity.

Maintenance Tips:

NEVER bang the container against a surface to loosen the ingredients.

Remove the container from the base and use a rubber spatula to remove thick

mixtures from the bottom of your container.

• NEVER shake or rattle a container in use while seated on the motor base.

• NEVER remove the container before the machine has come to a complete stop.

NEVER start the motor before the container is in place.

The instructions appearing in this Owner’s Manual cannot cover

every possible condition and situation that may occur. Common

sense and caution must be practiced when operating and

maintaining any appliance.


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