Xpress COMBO Mobile Spider Mountain With Bungee &/or Climbing Wall User Manual

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Is the auto belay safer than a human belayer? Vertical Reality, Inc. answers this question by
manufacturing their COMBO product with two hydraulic cylinders for every climber. Two cylinders
mean that a redundant system is in parallel, which will ensure that if one hydraulic cylinder fails, a
second system will take up the slack and function in a safe manner. In comparison to recreational
climbing using manual belayer's, 2 belayer's would be required to belay for each climber. This means
that there would be two belayer's for every climber. Imagine the payroll requirement you would need
on a manual system to compare with the safety system featured in the COMBO Climbing Structure.
However, in fairness, rock climbing has its inherent risks. A participant climbing on the COMBO can
be injured. Even though the COMBO system is automated, we require that a responsible person be
assigned to ensure that the mechanical function of the COMBO is operating properly. As an owner of
the Mobile climbing wall, it is your responsibility to make sure constant care and supervision is taken
regarding the operation of this product.

Set up of the combo section

1. Attach the poles to the swivel bases by using the 5/8 pins.
2. Attach the cables to each of the eye-nuts at the top end of the poles with the supplied


3. Attach the other end of the cable (turnbuckle end) to the adjacent pole eye nut 6” from

the Swivel base with another carabineer.

4. Attach a jump set to each eye-nut (see diagram 2).
5. Pull out the post supports (or swing out depending on the model that you have) and pin

them in place and attach the jacks to the support post.

6. Attach the motors to the frame and let out about 20 feet of winch line.
7. Attach the winch line to the winch pulley on the center of the jump rope
8. Now with the aid of 1 person lift any one of the poles onto its cradle and secure it with a


9. Do the same with the other 3 poles and then tighten all the cables.
10. You are now ready to operate.

Takedown of the wall - Upon the end of an event or use of the wall, please follow the following
steps to ensure safe and proper takedown of the Mobile climbing wall.

1. Let the auto belay cables go up to the top of the wall with the supplied ropes.
2. Set the bungee poles down and pack all bungee equipment away.
3. Raise the COMBO off the ground 2 - inches using the trailer jacks.
4. After ensuring that it is safe to lower the wall and that there is proper arc clearance, press

the switch in the down position and hold firmly until the wall middle support touches
the trailer frame

5. Secure back-up chains and emergency brake cable.
6. Connect wiring for lights.
7. As always, make sure to obey all traffic laws and regulations.