Xpress COMBO Mobile Spider Mountain With Bungee &/or Climbing Wall User Manual

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Carabineer’s - It is well known that equipment deteriorates progressively with use. It is difficult to

give a precise lifetime because it depends on the environment where it is being used. Surface
damage, corrosive wear, mechanical wear, or impairment of the mechanical function of the product
is easily observed.

Swivels - Again, the same warning for the Carabineer’s apply to the swivels.
Pulleys - Replace when worn
Cables - Cables -annually (every12 months regardless of condition) or 10000 cycles if equipped
with a counter or sooner if frayed / rusted or kinked or crimps show sighs of deterioration.

Ropes- As needed if worn or frayed
Handholds - As needed. Handholds wear out on a regular basis, call Vertical Reality for replacements.
Harnesses - Replace when the fabric has visible cuts, tears, abrasion and/or damage caused by use, heat
chemicals etc. The stitching is cut, tom worn or loose threads. Or, when the buckles are not functioning

Day-to-Day Operations

Now that the COMBO is set-up and ready for operation, you've performed the appropriate inspections,
its time to address the issues of proper climbing and Jumping

Equipment - All three climbing runs are set up with Petzel auto locking Carabineer’s. We strongly
recommend the Petzel, Ml 8 auto-locking Carabineer’s because of the safety feature of the auto-locking
mechanism as well as the AMP or omega auto locking carabineers that have a minimum rating of 23
KN. In addition, we strongly recommend the petzl club 66 climbing harness or our Yates Gear model.
This particular harness does not require a double-over requirement for securing the strap that other
climbing harnesses require. Not only is the Club a safer harness, it is a harness that participants can
secure with little help from the climbing coach because the harness is more straightforward and simpler
to fasten Any of these products can be ordered from Vertical Reality for approximately the same cost, as
any local climbing retail store would offer.

For maximum through-put, we recommend that a second person (harness assistant) other than the
climbing/belay coach make sure the climbing harnesses are tight and secure and are being worn
properly. Having several climbers harnessed and ready to go ahead of time will result in maximum
utilization of the wall.

Belay coach & harness Assistant- The belay/climbing coach is responsible for proper climbing. I-
Es/her role is to ensure that the participant understands the rules and double checks the harness and
equipment to check for appropriate wear and function. The belay coach is responsible to make sure that
there is NO CABLE SLACK in the climbing line. In addition, the belay coach should be the ONLY
non-climbing person in the 6' rappelling area in front of the wall. At Vertical Reality, we refer to this
area as the "Climbing Zone" and its purpose is to provide a safe area whereby a climber can rappel
without fear of coming down onto another person. The belay coach has the responsibility to ensure that
each climber is safely directed out of the climbing zone, back to the harness area for removal of the
harness after his or her completed or attempted climb. The belay coach should

Offer positive words of encouragement to both climbers and spectators. The more fun the belay coach
can make the experience for the climber, the more enjoyable the event will be for the participant.
Happy customers result in repeat business. The belay coach will be asked questions from the crowd and