Xpress COMBO Mobile Spider Mountain With Bungee &/or Climbing Wall User Manual

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necessary. When closure of the mobile Spider Mountain is necessary, put the mobile Spider
Mountain in the down position.

Takedown of the mobile Spider Mountain - Upon the end of an event or use of the mobile
Spider Mountain, please follow the following steps to ensure safe and proper takedown of the
Mobile Spider Mountain.

1. Make sure no one is inside or near the ride.
2. Raise the mobile Spider Mountain off the ground 2 - inches using the trailer jacks.

After ensuring that it is safe to lower the mobile Spider Mountain and that there is proper
arc clearance, press the switch in the down position and hold firmly. Again, make sure to
keep the switch lever in the down position until the mobile Spider Mountain has
completely rested in the saddle before letting off of the switch. Again, DO NOT PUSH


Now that the mobile Spider Mountain is down, reapply the tie down or insert the travel
pin provided with the mobile Spider Mountain to ensure the mobile Spider Mountain will
not bounce or accidentally rise, due to wind, while traveling.


Lower the trailer to the ground and ensure that the leveling jacks are raised to the
maximum position making sure the leveling jack pull pins are properly secure and that
there is NO chance of the jacks falling during travel.


Once the Mobile Spider Mountain has been properly lowered, make sure that the hitch
lock is secure and that a pin is in place making sure the hitch lock is secure for travel.

7. Connect wiring for lights.

Secure back-up chains and emergency brake cable.


As always, make sure to obey all traffic laws and regulations.

COMBO Spider Mobile Climbing Wall &/or Bungy

Product Overview

Vertical Reality's latest in revenue generating interactive sports products designed for the
amusement, entertainment, and fitness industries. Complete with redundant auto-belay
devices, the COMBO maximizes profit and safety. Different from other mobile climbing walls,
the COMBO does not use, what is commonly termed as, and a person for belaying. The reason
for this is because of the auto belay devices. With the auto-belay devices doing all of the belay
work and ensuring safety, the person(s) operating the wall act more like a coach offering
encouragement and direction. The COMBO is designed to meet ASTM F-1159-97a standards
for the Amusement Industry. This means that the COMBO is designed, manufactured, tested,
and supported by comprehensive quality assurance and quality control measures to ensure
product reliability and safety. The enclosed information is an outline as to the procedures for
safe operation and set-up of the product. In addition to the climbing wall features the combo
has 3 bungee trampoline stations that can be stet up in conjunction with the wall to create a
truly unique experience. The bungee trampoline stations utilize a powered winch to stretch
elastic bands that are attached to a harness on the jumper, thereby providing a means for the