Xpress COMBO Mobile Spider Mountain With Bungee &/or Climbing Wall User Manual

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It is with great pleasure that we congratulate you on your Mobile Spider
Mountain purchase and welcome you to Vertical Reality. We are excited about
our products and feel confident that through proper planning, placement and hard
work, the Mobile Spider Mountain will be a rewarding and profitable purchase.
Our philosophy is centered on a commitment to excellence in meeting the needs
of our customers, providing a quality product that is safe, exciting and profitable.
We encourage you to likewise develop a standard of quality and service that
makes you the leader in supplying artificial mobile Spider Mountain for the
amusement, entertainment and special attractions market.

Our goal is to establish a relationship with your company. One that will promote
Vertical Reality and your company, as successful partners, providing
entertainment for those who are looking for the best new attraction in the market.

Our part in making our team successful is:

Commitment to proper, effective, safe and profitable design

Seven days per week customer service support

Manufacturing to "ASTM F-1159-97a" safety standards for the amusement

Cycle time that generates high profits

Your part in building a successful business using Vertical Reality products is:
• Commitment to safe operation

Consistent inspection for proper maintenance

Effective marketing and promotion

Active promotion of the activity

We are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship. Should you have
any comments or questions, please do not hesitate in calling.


Ken A Sharkey