Xpress COMBO Mobile Spider Mountain With Bungee &/or Climbing Wall User Manual

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Inspections and Preventive

Maintenance Climbing wall and Bungee

Daily Inspections

As a means of properly maintaining the COMBO and ensuring proper safety for the climber
and Jumpers daily inspection is required. Cables connection points and ropes must be
inspected daily. Cables must be inspected daily. If fraying or rusting has occurred,
replace the cable immediately. Inspect the cable ends by the crimps. If fraying or
Rusting broken strands, replace immediately. If the cables are kinked or show sighs of
wear, replace them as a matter of precaution, the cables must be replaced annually.
one operator on the front of the wall, manually extend the cable to arm's length while a second
person inspects the retraction of the cable to ensure there is NO SLACK behind the wall. In
addition, check each and every harness to ensure the stitching is tight and that the harness is in
good working order. If the harnesses are visibly worn or are not functioning as intended
discard immediately and replace with new harness. Again, as a matter of precaution, you may
want to replace harnesses yearly. For proper function of the auto belay system, make sure that
the air pressure is between 35 lbs. and 40 lbs with the cables at the top of the wall. Inspect daily
for oil leaks, should a leak occur call Vertical Reality for details. The appropriate amount of
hydraulic fluid is 6 quarts and should be

AW 32 hydraulic oil

. For reference, the fluid level should

be approximately. Minimum 3 inches from the bottom of the tank when the all the cables are at
the top of the wall. If any questions, please call Vertical Reality. If equipped make sure to
check the function of the swivels on each cable end. Make sure the swivels turn freely and are
in good condition. Check Carabineer’s to ensure they function properly. If they stick open
or do not lock positively, replace immediately. Check Carabineers for excessive wear, if
worn replace immediately.
Lastly, make sure the handholds on the wall are tight. If any of
the handholds spin or are loose, tighten them. With all parts supplied from other manufacturers
besides Vertical Reality (i.e. harnesses, Carabineers’, swivels) make sure to read and
understand their respective warnings and instructions.

Weekly Inspections
Inspect pulleys once a week. The auto belay pulleys are at eye level and can be inspected from the
ground. For stationary walls, the guide pulleys at the top of the wall must be inspected by climbing up
the front of the wall and inspecting from the front. Tie one end of the belay rope to the Carabineer’s
end of the belay cable. Release the cable, while controlling the ascent with the rope, and let the cable
travel to the top of the wall. Make sure there is a smooth ascent and while pulling on the rope, a smooth
descent (retraction of cable). The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that the mechanical function of
the auto-belay is operating properly. If you experience any slack, call Vertical Reality for advice and

Mobile walls can be let down and inspected from the ground. For mobile units, inspect all hydraulic
hoses after each travel trip. Check tire pressures on mobile units making sure they are at proper
pressure. Check to make sure the hydraulic fluid is at an appropriate level. Always make sure that the
fiberglass panels are not damaged in transit or if worn out, call to replace panel(s).
Inspect all ropes, carabineers and connection points. Ensure the proper operation of the winch system

Wear Dated Items

The following items are wear-dated items along with suggested guidelines for replacement: