Xpress COMBO Mobile Spider Mountain With Bungee &/or Climbing Wall User Manual

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- Check all connection points of the harnesses. Replace if showing signs of wear
- Check air trampolines for proper inflation.
- Check steel frame trampolines for security and be sure soft protectors cover springs.
- Check that all signs and warnings are properly posted.

III. The Staff

A. The Interaction between the Instructor & Jumper
The instructor plays an integral role in the success of the jumper while on the COMBO. He/She has a
tremendous responsibility to maintain the jumper’s safety at all times, while giving support and advice
to aide in the jumper’s movements. This involves listening and communicating with the jumper at all
times and being aware of their situation. The instructor must constantly monitor the winch for optimal
jumps while keeping the jumper from landing on the trampoline in an incorrect fashion. The instructor
needs to relate helpful hints and always encourage the jumper’s success.

B. The Professional Instructor

The skills of a professional instructor include more than the ability to properly connect the jumper to the
COMBO. The COMBO Power Jump has the potential for 4 instructors that must not be aware of their
own station, but they must also work as a team for the safety of everyone involved. The professional
instructor needs to be completely aware of the jumper’s situation, maintaining the highest level of safety
possible. In addition, the instructor needs to fully understand the construction design, the elastic, and
harness systems. The instructor should experience the COMBO Power Jump for himself or herself and
should understand how to facilitate bodily movements. The instructor must be a good motivator and
must always listen to the jumper’s concerns and impulses. The instructor must be a good communicator
with a positive attitude and helpful words.

C. The On-Site Manager
It is the responsibility of the on-site manager to maintain the safety not only of the jumpers but also the
four instructors operating the COMBO. It is very important that the on-site manager inspects the
equipment daily and monitors all activity. The on-site manager needs to keep the area around the
COMBO Power Jump orderly by creating lines and keeping the peace. He/She also needs to always to
watching for small children that might wander in dangerous areas. The on-site manager has the final
word on any discrepancies concerning jumpers and/or problems. The on-site manager needs to make
sure that his/her instructors are following proper procedures and are not intoxicated or falling asleep on
the job. These things could compromise the safety of others and should be monitored at all times.

IV. The Jumper

A. Helpful Hints; Practically anyone can participate in the COMBO Power Jump and enjoy Spectacular
movement and exhilarating fun. The jumper must be no younger than 18 month of age and no more
than 99 years of age (if in good health) and must weigh between 20 and 220 pounds. Although the
jumper need not be
Athletically inclined, it is important that the jumper be in good health. It is also very important that the
jumper obeys all posted rules and warnings and listen to the instructions given. The jumper also needs
to communicate with his/her instructor concerning their comfort and movements. Most importantly, the
jumper needs to be honest with his/her weight for proper harness fitting.

Here are some hints to ensure success:
- The jumper should hold onto the elastics at all times, using them for support and stability.