Xpress COMBO Mobile Spider Mountain With Bungee &/or Climbing Wall User Manual

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Inspections and Preventive

Maintenance Spider Portion

Daily Inspections


Check and replace elastic bands if needed


Check netting, replace zip ties if needed


Check padding replace or repair if needed


Check trampoline pad and lashing, replace or repair if needed

Monthly Inspections


Inspect welds on frame and chain.

Wear Dated Items


Elastic Bands


Zip Ties





Day-to-Day Operations

Now that the Mobile Spider is set-up and ready for operation, you've performed the appropriate
inspections, its time to address the issues of proper climbing.

For maximum through-put, we recommend that a second person be inside as a climbing coach to help
the kids.

Rules and Safety Tips:


Participants should remove their shoes and all Jewelry.


Anyone with long hair must tie their hair into a pony tail.


No horseplay or fighting


Try to limit groups of the same size kids at a time.


Listen to operator at all times

6. The weight range for the mobile Spider Mountain is 30 - 250lbs & a Minimum Height of 30”.

7. No gum chewing.