Marketing ideas to consider, Conclusion – Xpress COMBO Mobile Spider Mountain With Bungee &/or Climbing Wall User Manual

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- While holding onto the elastics, the jumper should pull on the elastics, using their muscles to increase
their height and momentum. - The jumpers need to feel and go with the bouncing motion, using the
trampoline to boost themselves higher. - The jumper should use the upward motion and momentum to
accomplish summersaults/flips. These can be best accomplished if attempted at the maximum height of
the bounce with the jumper’s legs tucked into the body and head tilted in the direction of the desired

B. Precautions

As stated earlier, the COMBO Power Jump is a high action sport. Jumpers should be in good health.
Someone should not participate if they have neck, back, or shoulder problems, broken bones,
pregnancy, heart or lung conditions, or any other medical condition that could cause further injury.
Jumpers should not be intoxicated while using the COMBO Power Jump and should respect the
equipment and the staff at all times. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the forfeiture of the
jumper’s participation. Vertical Reality. Cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items while on

Entertainment Tips

Never forget that your Mobile Spider Mountain is a fun attraction and will draw attention. Use
this unique feature to book company picnics, birthday parties, corporate promotion events,
special events, public attractions, fairs and festivals to name a few. Never forget that the
mobile Spider Mountain can be equipped for corporate advertising generating revenue up and
above the charge by the climb revenue.. The Mobile Spider Mountain is a product designed for

Marketing ideas to Consider

This information is in no way comprehensive. It is a dynamic list that keeps growing.
However, for the purpose of brainstorming and generating ideas, the following are marketing
Corporate Sponsorship, Sports Event Marketing, Fairs, Parties, Charity Events, Graduation
Parties, Tourist Attractions, Trade Shows, School Events, Amusement Park Lease, Street
Festivals, Radio and Television Station promotion

Make sure to work with your local Chamber of Commerce, Convention Bureaus, Non-profit
Organizations and Advertising/Public Relations Firms to ensure your mobile Spider Mountain
is marketed to its fullest.


This guideline has been written to assist in the proper installation and operation of the Mobile Spider
Mountain. Vertical Reality has tried in its best effort to address relative issues; however, there will
additional information learned or situations that occur that we are unaware of at this time. Please, do
not hesitate to call seven days a week with any technical question. Remember, there may be questions,
issues and/or concerns that may arise through the use of this product that are not listed or addressed in
this manual, please keep us informed. It is the responsibility of the owner and/or operator of this
product to contact Vertical Reality. If any questions or concerns arise. As with any amusement device,
physical harm can occur and operators and participants must realize that this product is a physical
activity and that proper care should be taken to ensure safety. Please exercise good common sense and
good judgement while operating and transporting the Mobile Spider Mountain.
Mobile Spider Mountain

Preventative Maintenance