Safety, B. daily check list – Xpress COMBO Mobile Spider Mountain With Bungee &/or Climbing Wall User Manual

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elastics while on the trampoline. The instructor should not allow any horseplay on the trampolines. Be
sure to completely deflate, fold, and store air trampolines in a dry place. Wipe air trampolines down
with a cloth periodically. The suspension system is half of the fun in using the COMBO Power Jump
but the jumper needs to be very careful on it as well. This means that the instructor needs to always be
aware of the jumper and his/her placement on the trampoline. The jumper should try to stay in the
center of the trampoline for maximum stability and height. The instructor should not allow anyone else
besides the jumper on the trampoline while the COMBO Power Jump is in use.


A. Safe Usage & Warnings

It is very important that before using the COMBO Power Jump that the system has been properly
installed according to the construction manual. If you have any questions concerning the COMBO
Power Jump construction, suspension system, elastics system, or frame, contact Vertical Reality. Be
sure that the proper amount of space is given for the construction of the COMBO Power Jump-- 22 feet
X 32 feet X 24 feet (height) minimum. It is best to allow an additional 6 feet of height for extra safety
coverage. In addition, be sure to erect the COMBO Power Jump on a relatively flat ground. Flat,
grassy fields or asphalt are ideal for the COMBO. Do not erect the COMBO Power Jump on a hill or a
bumpy surface that cannot resist weight or pressure.
Never allow horseplay around the COMBO. Although this is a fun activity that everyone can enjoy, it
must be managed and participated in safely. Do not allow any non-staff person to be near the winches or
cables. The on-site manager must maintain a safe environment not only for the jumpers but also for the
instructors. Keep lines around the COMBO Power Jump orderly to prevent confusion. No smoking,
food, or beverages should be allowed in the COMBO Power Jump area.

The instructor must always monitor the height of the jumper’s bounce, making sure there is always
enough clearance. Also, be sure to monitor the jumper’s position on the trampoline and their
approximation to the beams of the COMBO. Do not let the jumper bounce too far away from the
center. Always maintain a minimum of 3 feet of clearance for the jumper. Use the winch to maintain
this position.

THIS IS A HIGH ACTIVE SPORT! Persons who have bad backs, necks, shoulders, broken bones, heart
or lung problems, pregnancy, or any other medical condition should not participate in this activity.
Jumpers should be in good health and should not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on the
COMBO. Jumpers should read and obey all rules, warnings, and instructions and should know they
participate at THEIR OWN RISK. Vertical Reality cannot be held responsible for any injuries incurred
and/or items lost broken while on the COMBO.

B. Daily Check List

The following activities should be performed before the COMBO Power Jump is used:
- Check all cables and cable attachments for tautness and stability.
- Check all Carabineer's (snap-links) for unusual wear. Be sure they open and close properly.
- Check the winch for proper movement and that all cables can move freely.
- Check to see that the ropes are moving freely through the pulleys and are not frayed.
- Check all elastics for wear and tear--replace if necessary.
- Check all connection points of the frame.
- Check to see that all bolts and pins are in place and secure.
- Check to see that all Swivels and Quick links are not worn and are tightly fastened.