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rappelling climber will not descend onto an upcoming climber. As an additional note, although
Climbing Helmets are not required, we strongly recommend their use.


Operational & Safety Guidelines
The Operational & Safety Guidelines Must Be Carefully Read and Followed
Before Using the COMBO Power Jump

C. The Winch
The winch, which runs on 110 or 220Volts depending on which version was chosen at time of delivery.
is the mechanism that allows for the raising and lowering of the jumper. It is very important that the
winch is not placed in or around standing water. Do not use the winch if it is raining. Should the winch
get wet, be sure that it is completely dry before operating it again. When the winch is in use, double
check that all ropes are untangled and moving freely; this should be monitored constantly. Make sure
that the winch and all ropes attached to it are in good working order. Never pull up with the winch
when the knot on the rope is closer than 2 inches to the pulley on the top pole .
Stop the lowering
motion of the winch before the rope is loose. The instructor should use the winch to help the jumper
achieve the highest possible jump. Pull up the winch while the jumper is in the upward motion. Do this
with extreme care and caution. Ideally, the jumper should never go deeper than 4 to 6 inches into the air
trampoline. Always monitor the cable or rope of the winch for tautness and that it is entering the winch
from the bottom. Finally, do not allow any non-staff person to operate the winch controls or be near the
winches at any time.

D. The Elastics
The elastics are the fundamental element of the COMBO, in a combination of both single and double
elastics. The elastics, in conjunction with the harness, connect the jumper to the frame of the COMBO
Power Jump and it is the elastics system that allows the jumper to reach such incredible heights while
simultaneously providing the stability for acrobatic movement. The elastic loops are 6 feet long. This
dual system allows for the various weight ranges of the jumpers, which must be between 40 and 220
pounds. The elastics should be monitored constantly for signs of wear and tear. Should elastic break or
look worn, replace immediately. The elastics have a life span of approximately 3500 jumps (based on
5-minute duration) or about 300 hours of operation. The elastics should be replaced regularly for
optimal use and safety. Only replace Vertical Reality elastics with Vertical Reality elastics; do not use
any other elastic system in the COMBO. Failure to do so will void your warranty and create an
unsafe situation.
Be sure to store the elastics in a cool dry place. Sprinkle Baby powder or Climbing
Chalk On the elastics periodically to keep them in good condition. Should the elastics get wet, dry them
completely before using them again. . If you have any questions or concerns about the installation of the
elastics, contact Vertical Reality- for service. Make sure that all Carabineer's (snap-links) are in closed
position and tightly secured before each use. Never use less than 2 elastics per side of the harness. Do
not allow the elastics become entangled.

E. The Weight Range Table
* The minimum weight of a person using the COMBO Power Jump should be no less than 20 pounds.
* The maximum weight of a person using the COMBO Power Jump should be no more than 220

The following table shows how many elastic Loops should be utilized per side
Of the harness with these various weights: