Xpress COMBO Mobile Spider Mountain With Bungee &/or Climbing Wall User Manual

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Required Personnel - The mobile Spider Mountain can be operated with only one person.
However, for proper operation, Vertical Reality recommends that at least two people operate
the attraction for optimal performance and safety. Vertical Reality recommends that one-
person act as the climbing coach inside the ride and the other as a spotter letting kids in and

Hitch and Wiring - To pull the Mobile Spider Mountain you will need a 2-inch ball and a
seven- (7) prong FLAT BLADE wiring plug. Remember that your tow hitch must be equipped
with a 12-Volt charge if you want the battery to charge as you are towing the unit. The new
design of the trailer eliminates the use of electric brakes as surge brakes have been fitted to the
trailer. For the folding trailer we use electric brakes and hydraulic brakes as an option. Please
also ensure that you have an electric brake controller installed for the brake to work.

Setting up the Spider -
1. Upon parking the Mobile Spider Mountain trailer in place, remove the trailer from the

towing vehicle.

2. Level the trailer such that the trailer tires are at least one (1) inches off of the ground by

using the 4 leveling jacks mounted on the rear and tongue of the trailer. First jack up the
jacks behind the wheels then jack up the jack at the rear of the trailer. Make sure that the
jack pull pins are properly inserted before engaging the jacks.
We recommend that a
level be used in leveling the trailer.

Locate the hydraulic lift control switch located on the driver's side of the trailer at the rear on
the top piece. Make sure there is proper clearance for the arc of the mobile Spider
Mountain before up-righting the mobile Spider Mountain. Caution: Be aware of -
possible over-head obstacles before raising mobile Spider Mountain!
Hold the button
secure until the mobile Spider Mountain is fully upright and firmly in place. DO NOT PUSH
. Rather, hold the button in continuously until the
mobile Spider Mountain is upright. Once the mobile Spider Mountain is up using the leveling
jacks, lower the trailer so that the mobile Spider Mountain frame is resting on the ground in
whole or in part, maintaining level on the trailer frame. Make sure that only the metal frame is
resting on the ground. If an obstacle or high point is the fiberglass before the metal frame is
resting on the ground, you will break the fiberglass. As an option, if only a portion of the metal
mobile Spider Mountain frame is resting on the ground, shim up the portion of the mobile
Spider Mountain base not touching the ground with wood or metal shims. Shim only the metal

At this point, the mobile Spider Mountain should be in an upright and locked position, the
trailer level and at least a portion if not the entire mobile Spider Mountain solid on the ground
(using shims if not).

DO NOT operate the mobile Spider Mountain if wind speeds exceed 30 mph. It is the
responsibility of the operator, climbing coach, owner, or other responsible party to be aware of
weather conditions and make the appropriate call for closure of the mobile Spider Mountain if