Xpress COMBO Mobile Spider Mountain With Bungee &/or Climbing Wall User Manual

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Company Overview

Vertical Reality, located in Miami, FL is a manufacturer/ distributor of commercial interactive sports
and fitness-fun equipment used in the amusement and recreational fitness markets. Designed for fun,
VR is a premier provider of commercial action based products to be used in the amusement, fitness and
recreation industry. Safely engineered VR products provide maximum revenue while providing
thousands of hours of safe and exciting entertainment for your customers.

Mission Statement

To be the premier provider of revenue-generating interactive sports products used in the amusement and
fitness markets.

Corporate Values

Our philosophy is centered on a commitment to excellence in meeting the needs of our customers,
providing a quality product that is safe, exciting and profitable.

Mobile Spider Mountain

Product Overview

Welcome to the mobile Spider Mountain, Vertical Reality's latest in revenue generating
interactive sports products designed for the amusement, entertainment, and fitness industries.
Complete with redundant auto-belay devices, the Mobile Spider Mountain maximizes profit
and safety. The Mobile Spider Mountain is designed to meet ASTM F-1159-97a standards for
the Amusement Industry. This means that the Mobile Spider Mountain is designed,
manufactured, tested, and supported by comprehensive quality assurance and quality control
measures to ensure product reliability and safety. The enclosed information is an outline as to
the procedures for safe operation and set-up of the product.

How to set-up the Mobile Spider

The name Mobile Spider is the product name for the entire system. The mobile unit has been
designed to travel down the road in a down/closed fashion. Aerodynamic because of it’s
hallow shape, the mobile unit should travel relatively easy. As a reminder, please follow any
and all rules established by a state or interstate highway system that you would travel in the
course of conducting your business or transport of the product. Please abide by all traffic laws
and warnings.

Physical Dimensions - The mobile Spider Mountain meets all requirements for physical size as
outlined by the Department of Transportation. The dimensions of the Mobile Spider Mountain
are: Specifications.

Width - 8' - 6"

Height - 11' - 6"

Length – 24'- 0"

Weight - 3140 lbs.