Oven assembly, Warning & safety information – XLT XD-9005A User Manual

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Technical Support US: 888-443-2751

Technical Support INTL: 316-943-2751


XLT ovens can easily be moved and stacked with the proper lifting equipment. The use of

XLT approved lifting equipment is highly recommended. Contact XLT for more information.


These ovens are heavy & can tip or fall causing bodily injury.

NEVER place any part of your body beneath any oven that is suspended by the
lifting jacks. A crush hazard exists if the oven falls or slips.

DO NOT place your hands on the lifting jack vertical pole beneath the jack’s
winch. As the jack’s winch descends when you turn the jack handle, a pinch
point is created between the winch & the pole.


BE CAREFUL when rolling the oven on the cart, especially when going up or
down ramps & over bumps. Leave the straps/banding on until the oven is near
the assembly area.


Make sure that the notch on tube of the winch assembly is aligned with the pin
in the tripod base as shown. These alignments are important and keep the jack
aligned properly.

Check for smooth operation. The cable should not be pinched and should pass
smoothly over the pulley on top of the pole assembly.

Inspect cable prior to each use.

If cable is frayed or shows signs of excessive wear and tear, DO NOT USE until
cable is replaced.

At a minimum replace the cable annually with wire rope that meets or exceeds
the jack manufacturer’s specifications.

Do not exceed the stated capacity of the jack.