Oven installation – XLT XD-9005A User Manual

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Physical Location & Spacing Requirements

These ovens are suitable for installation on either combustible or non-combustible floors,

and adjacent to either combustible or non-combustible walls. The motor cover is designed to pro-
vide the proper clearance to the back of the oven. The minimum side clearances are 6in. / 150mm,
measured from the end of the conveyor.

All installations must conform to local building and mechanical codes.


Because all ovens are equipped with casters, all installations must be configured with a re-

straint to limit the movement of the oven without depending on the electric power supply cord to
limit the oven movement. One (1) restraint kit, which includes one (1) eye bolt, (1) stainless steel
clip & a cable, is required for each oven stack, regardless if used on a single, double, or triple con-
figuration. The clip should be installed in the lowest hole of the back wall on the control end of
the lowest oven in the stack. The lag eye bolt must be installed into a structural member of a wall
or the floor. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the restraint is installed correctly.

Upon completion of performing any service or cleaning functions that require removal of

the restraint, insure that it is correctly re-attached to the oven.