Warranty - us & canada – XLT XD-9005A User Manual

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Technical Support US: 888-443-2751

Technical Support INTL: 316-943-2751

WARRANTY - US & Canada

XLT warrants gas ovens manufactured after April 1, 2009 utilizing quietFIRE™ burners

and all electric ovens manufactured after April 1, 2011 to be free from any defect in material and
workmanship under normal use for five (5) years from the date of original purchase by the end
user, and further warrants main fan blades, conveyor shafts, and conveyor bearings for ten (10)
years. XLT further warrants all ovens to be free from rust for ten (10) years from the date the
equipment is originally purchased. XLT warrants AVI hoods to be free from any defect in mate-
rial and workmanship under normal use for two (2) years from the date of original purchase by the
end user. In the event of a part failure, XLT will furnish a replacement part and pay for all labor
associated with the replacement of the part if, upon inspection, XLT determines that the part is de-
fective. This warranty is extended to the original end user purchaser and is not transferable with-
out prior written consent of XLT. Damages are limited to the original purchase price.


The owner must inspect the oven and crates at time of receipt. Damage during shipment is to
be immediately reported to the carrier and also to XLT.

The oven must be operated in accordance with the written instructions furnished with the unit.

This warranty shall not excuse the owner from properly maintaining the oven in accordance
with the written instructions furnished with the unit.

A copy of the “Oven Initial Start-Up Checklist” must be filled out and returned to XLT Ovens
and the Authorized Distributor when the unit is initially installed, and/or when the unit is re-
moved and installed in another location.

The gas, electric, and HVAC utilities must be connected to the oven and installed by locally
licensed contractors.

Failure to contact XLT Ovens prior to contacting a repair company for warranty work voids
any and all warranties.

The following items are not covered by this warranty:

Freight damage

Any part that becomes defective because of utility services (power surges, high or low volt-
ages, high or low gas pressure or volume, contaminated fuel, or improper utility connections)

Conveyor belts


Exhaust Fans

Light Bulbs

Normal maintenance or adjustments

This warranty shall not apply if the oven or any part is damaged as a result of accident, casu-
alty, alteration, misuse, abuse, improper cleaning, improper installation, improper operation,
natural disasters, or man-made disasters.

Should any such defect be discovered, XLT must be notified. Upon notification, XLT will arrange
for necessary repairs to be made by an authorized service agent. Denial of services upon the arri-
val of an authorized service agent will release XLT of any and all warranty obligations.