Avi hood troubleshooting – XLT XD-9005A User Manual

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Technical Support US: 888-443-2751

Technical Support INTL: 316-943-2751


Before troubleshooting the hood:
1. Make sure that the RUN lamp and POWER lamp are lit.
2. Check to see that the breaker in the service panel is not tripped.
3. Check to see that the breaker on the hood electrical box is not tripped.
4. Make sure the Switch Relocation Cords (SRC) are properly installed to the oven(s).
5. Check to see that the grease filters are clean & installed properly.
6. Check to see if the exhaust fan is rotating in the correct rotation. (applies to new installations)

If the corrective actions listed above do not correct the problem, then XLT has qualified

customer service personnel that can provide assistance on any type of XLT Oven or AVI Hood
problem you may experience. Customer Service is available at 888-443-2751 24/7/365, or visit


. The website offers an interactive troubleshooting guide that can further assist

in diagnosing problems.

In the occurrence that the VFD controller has an ERROR Code displaying. Follow these steps to
clear them.

Error Codes:

E01-E04 Inverter output was short circuited

E05 motor overload is detected by electronic thermal function.

E07 DC bus voltage exceeds a threshold

E09 DC bus voltage is below a threshold

E14 Ground fault detected between controller output and motor.

Error Code Reset:
Check VFD display for error code and record it.
Clear error by pressing the <Stop Reset> button.
Press the <Run> button to activate exhaust fan.
Normal operation resumes with no error codes.
If error codes return press the <Stop/Reset> key and call XLT service.

For repairs or maintenance of the fire suppression system and components, contact the lo-

cal Ansul dealer or XLT for assistance.