Avi hood operator controls – XLT XD-9005A User Manual

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The control switches are located on the front of the hood.

1. Turn the light switch on.
2. Turn the desired oven switch on. Refer to the Oven start-up section for instructions on how to

adjust temperature and conveyor speed. The oven(s), exhaust fan, and make-up air unit will be
activated by this switch if the AVI Hood is installed according to this manual.

3. When additional oven switches are turned on, the VFD will automatically increase the exhaust

fan speed.

4. When shutting down the ovens, turn the desired oven switch off. The make-up air unit will

shut off. The ovens and exhaust fan will shut off after about 30 minutes. Refer to the Oven
shutdown section for instructions.

5. Do not press the <STOP/RESET> switch on the Variable Frequency Drive itself. The RUN

and POWER LED should stay lit all of the time.

Hood Operation


When XLT Ovens are outfitted with AVI Hoods, the main switch on the oven is dis-
abled and no longer operates. The switch on the AVI Hood overrides the oven switch.

2. Press & hold the function key until <d001> displays.
3. Use the up / down arrows to reach <F001>.
4. Press the function key one (1) time. A frequency will display according to the switches that

are ON per the chart below.

5. Turn all oven switches OFF. The display should read <0.0>.
6. Turn ON the oven switches to be set. For example, both Top and Bottom ovens, or Top oven

only, or Bottom oven only, etc.

7. Press the Up/Down arrows until you reach the desired initial settings.
8. Press the store button once to store the new setting.
9. Repeat steps 6-8 for additional settings as needed.
10. When finished, turn all of the oven switches to the OFF position.
11. Press the <FUNC> key until <d001> appears in the display.
12. Press the <FUNC> one more time. The actual frequency will appear in the window display.
13. Press the <STR> button one time to store the values.