Oven cleaning – XLT XD-9005A User Manual

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1. Shut off main electrical disconnect.
2. Unplug electric cord, if equipped.
3. Unlock casters.
4. Disconnect restraint.
5. When servicing or cleaning is complete, move oven to original location.
6. Connect restraint.
7. Lock casters.
8. Plug in electric cord, if equipped.
9. Turn on main electrical disconnect.
10. Follow normal starting instructions.

If the oven is to be removed from its installed location for cleaning or servicing,
the following procedure is to be followed:


Fan Filters

Fan Guard/Filter

Oven must be cool and the electric cord unplugged before any cleaning or

maintenance is done.


Your XLT oven is constructed of stainless steel. Most commercial cleaning agents may be

used safely on all stainless steel surfaces. Check application restrictions on product label prior to
usage. Observe recommended precautionary and safety measures as dictated by the product manu-
facturer. Do not use caustic cleaner on the conveyor bearings.

Do not use abrasive cleaners or abrasive pads as they can scratch stainless steel surfaces.

Areas with heavy buildup should be sprayed and allowed to soak for up to 5 minutes prior to wip-
ing clean. Always wipe with the “grain” of the surface to maintain appearance.

The most critical item to be cleaned is the filter on the cooling fans.

The filters are held in

place by the stainless steel fan guard/filter mount & can be washed several times. Regular clean-
ing of the cooling filters is important to maintain air circulation within the control box. Depending
upon store conditions, this filter should be cleaned weekly or as it gets clogged with dust. Please
contact XLT Ovens for replacement parts.