Innovate Motorsports LC-2 User Manual

Page 10

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unit of measure displayed. When programming by AFR the LM Programmer
converts the number to Lambda before programming the LC-2. So there
might be some small ‘rounding errors’ when you open LM Programmer and
review your settings in the future.

Click the ‘Program’ button to upload the new programming data into the LC-
2. Once the unit is programmed the ‘Program’ button will grey out.

The analog outputs can be programmed from 0 to 5 volts and from 0.5 to 1.5
Lambda or 7.35 AFR to 22.39 AFR.

Factory Programmed Defaults:
Analog Output 1 is programmed to output between 0 V for an AFR of 7.35
(gasoline) and 5.0V for an AFR of 22.39. Analog Output 2 is 1.1 V for an
AFR of 14 and .1 V for an AFR of 15. Other settings, of course, are easily
programmable between the minimum and maximum range specified earlier.

Avoid connecting or disconnecting any of the ports labeled IN or

OUT while the unit is powered ON.


Advanced output programming

The ‘Advanced’ button allows the user to set the analog out update speed
and the voltage output during sensor Warm-up and Error Condition. The
factory defaults of the analog outputs update 1/12 of a second. The default
voltage output is set at 0 volts for both the Warm-up and Error Condition.

When setting the LC-2 to the slower response speed settings the measured
mixture data will be averaged over the response time setting before being
sent via the analog output.