Innovate Motorsports LC-2 User Manual

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The circuit to which you will pull power from should be able to support
an additional 3 amp draw. Make sure the connection is fused with a
minimum fuse size of 5A.

Circuits that share power with the vehicle’s stereo, ignition system,

ECU, and fuel pump should not be used. When in doubt, create an additional
circuit using an automotive relay available at most any automotive parts
supplier. See the in the next section for a relay installation diagram.

3 The

BLACK wire should be grounded to a solid ground source. The

best possible ground source would be the battery ground (-) post.

If other Innovate Motorsports devices are going to be daisy-chained

along with the LC-2, it is recommended that all devices be connected to a
single ground point, ideally the battery ground (-) post.


Optionally, the YELLOW (Analog out 1) and/or BROWN (Analog out 2)
can be connected to the analog inputs of other devices such as data
loggers, aftermarket programmable ECUs, or AFR display gauges. If
either one or both of these wires are not being used, isolate and tape
the wire(s) in an out of the way location. Each of the two analog output
wires can connect to one device that can accept this 0-5v potential

The default analog outputs are as follows: Analog output one (yellow) is
0V = 7.35 AFR and 5V = 22.39 AFR. Analog output two (brown) is 1.1V
= 14 AFR and .1V = 15 AFR. Note: The LC-2’s ground should share the
same grounding source as the device to which you are feeding the
analog outputs, the easiest wait to accomplish this is to run an aux
ground wire from the ground point of the LC-2 to the ground or signal
ground of the device you are interfacing with.