Innovate Motorsports LC-2 User Manual

Page 9

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Innovate Motorsports (P/N 3733) or use any USB to serial adaptor
that includes drivers. Make sure that nothing is connected to the IN
port of the LC-2

2. Power up the LC-2.
3. Launch LM Programmer. The LM Programmer application can be

launched from Start->Programs->LogWorks3->LM Programmer from
the Windows task bar.

5.3.1 Analog


1. Connect the LC-2 to the computer and launch LM Programmer.
2. Select one of the Analog output tabs. The Analog output tab looks

like this:

This shows the analog output voltages versus Lambda for one of the two
analog outputs. The graph display is automatically scaled to the selected
voltages. For each output you can specify a minimum and maximum lambda
or A/F ratio value and the associated voltages. Below the minimum and
above the maximum values the output voltages stay constant at the
associated programmed voltage.

By selecting the ‘use Air-Fuel-Ratio’ button you can program the curve by
AFR instead of Lambda. This does not change the programming, only the