Innovate Motorsports LC-2 User Manual

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2. After the initialization, the status light will light will blink or light up

constant up to indicate one of the following operational status conditions:

Light Status


No Light

No power to the LC-2

GREEN, flashing twice a second

Sensor Warm-up

GREEN, series of quick flashes

Sensor Calibration

GREEN, solid

LC-2 operational, taking readings.

RED, series of flashes followed by a

The number of flashes indicates an
error condition. See Appendix for
error code details.

3. Sensor Cable Connection – Mates the sensor cable to the O2 sensor.

4. Serial IN & OUT Connectors
– The LC-2’s serial connectors are utilized

when needed to program analog output settings, data log via the
Logworks software with a Windows PC, or to daisy chain with other
Innovate Motorsports’ devices.

5. Wiring

The LC-2’s wiring is very straight forward. All that is needed for

basic installation is power (red) and ground (black). The two configurable
analog output wires (one yellow and one brown) can be used to feed
external Standalone ECUs, 3


party data loggers, and AFR display



Mounting and Wiring the LC-2



1. The LC-2 controller body should be mounted inside the cabin or

in another dry, protected location away from the elements.
Physically mount the unit away from all ignition or stereo
components and other potentially RF or EMI emitting sources.

2. Route the sensor cable in a manner that avoids contact with the

exhaust piping and other extreme heat sources that could melt
the cable. Also avoid routing the sensor cable near ignition
components or other sources of RF (radio frequency) and EMI
(Electromagnetic interference).



The LC-2 has 4 stripped wires.

1 Connect


RED wire to a switched 12V source in your vehicle. A

switched 12V source goes ON as soon as “key on” power is active.