Copying still images on the “memory, Stick duo” to a computer – Sony GV-HD700 User Manual

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• When the index screen is displayed, a number

appears above each image. This indicates the
order in which images are recorded on the
“Memory Stick Duo.” These numbers are
different from the data file names (p. 48).

• You may not display image data on the index

screen modified on a computer, or image data
recorded with other device.

To display a single image

Move B to that image using VOLUME/
MEMORY (–/+) and press MEMORY

To stop displaying the index screen

Press MEMORY INDEX again.

Copying still images
on the “Memory Stick
Duo” to a computer

You can copy still images on the “Memory
Stick Duo” to a connected computer.

For Windows users

• OS: Windows 2000 Professional/Windows

Millennium Edition/Windows XP Home
Edition/Windows XP Professional/Windows

* 64-bit editions and Starter (Edition) are not


Standard installation is required. Operation is
not assured if the above OS has been upgraded.

• CPU: MMX Pentium 200MHz or faster
• Others: USB port (provided as standard).

For Macintosh users

• OS: Mac OS 9.1/9.2 or Mac OS X (v10.1/v10.2/


• Others: USB port (provided as standard).



• You can do this operation with the standard

driver on your computer. You do not need to
install any software.

• If your computer has a Memory Stick slot, insert

the “Memory Stick Duo” on which pictures are
recorded into the Memory Stick Duo adaptor
(optional), then insert it into the Memory Stick
slot on your computer to copy still images to the

• When using a “Memory Stick PRO Duo” and

your computer is not compatible with it, connect
the VCR with the USB cable instead of using
the Memory Stick slot on the computer.

System requirements

Viewing a still image on a
“Memory Stick Duo” (Memory
photo playback) (Continued)