Sony GV-HD700 User Manual

Page 52

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• On some printer models, the top, bottom, right,

and left edges of images may be trimmed. If you
print a still image recorded in a 16:9 (wide)
ratio, the left and right ends of the image may be
trimmed widely.

• Some printer models may not support the date/

time printing function. Refer to your printer’s
operating instructions for details.

• We cannot guarantee the printing of images

recorded with a device other than the VCR.



• PictBridge is an industry standard established

by the Camera & Imaging Products Association
(CIPA). You can print still images without using
a computer by connecting a printer directly to a
digital video camera or digital still camera,
regardless of model or manufacturer.

Printing recorded images (PictBridge compliant printer) (Continued)