Sony GV-HD700 User Manual

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About menu items and the LCD panel

• A menu item that is grayed out is not

available under the current recording or
playback conditions.

• The LCD screen is manufactured using

extremely high-precision technology, so
over 99.99% of the pixels are operational
for effective use. However, there may be
some tiny black points and/or bright
points (white, red, blue, or green in color)
that appear constantly on the LCD screen.
These points are normal results of the
manufacturing process and do not affect
the recording in any way.

• Exposing the LCD screen to direct

sunlight for long periods of time may
cause malfunctions.

About language setting

• The on-screen displays in each local

language are used for illustrating the
operating procedures. Change the screen
language before using the VCR if
necessary (p. 17).

On recording

• Before starting to record, test the

recording function to make sure the
picture and sound are recorded without
any problems.

• Compensation for the contents of

recordings cannot be provided, even if
recording or playback is not possible due
to a malfunction of the VCR, storage
media, etc.

• TV color systems differ depending on the

countries/regions. To view recorded
pictures on a TV, you need to use a NTSC
TV (for GV-HD700 owners) or a PAL TV
(for GV-HD700E owners).

• Television programs, films, video tapes,

and other materials may be copyrighted.
Unauthorized recording of such materials
may be contrary to the copyright laws.

On playing back the tapes recorded in
the HDV format on other devices

The tape recorded in the HDV format
cannot be played back on a video camera
only compatible with the DV format or a
mini-DV player.
Check the contents of tapes by playing
them back on this VCR prior to playing
them back on other devices.

Notes on the icons used in this

Features available for the HDV

format only

Features available for the DV

format only

Feature available when the VCR

connects to other devices via the i.LINK

Feature available when the VCR

connects to via the USB cable

About this manual

• The images of the LCD screen used in this

manual for illustration purposes are
captured using a digital still camera, and
therefore may appear different.

• The indicators on the LCD screen shown

in this manual may look different from
what you actually see.

• Design and specifications of recording

media and other accessories are subject to
change without notice.

Black point

White, red, blue
or green point