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Step 2: Preparing the power supply

Provide an outside power source to use the
VCR. You can either connect the AC
Adaptor to a wall outlet (wall socket) or
charge the battery pack to use your VCR.

When recording/editing or using the VCR
for a long time, connect the AC Adaptor to
a wall outlet (wall socket) to obtain a power


Connect the AC Adaptor to the
DC IN jack on the VCR. Make sure
that the
v mark on the DC plug is
facing to the
v mark on the VCR.


Connect the power cord (mains
lead) to the AC Adaptor and the
wall outlet (wall socket).



• Disconnect the AC Adaptor from the DC IN

jack by holding both the VCR and the DC plug.

• Do not pull the power code (mains lead)

connected to a wall outlet (wall socket). The DC
plug may be removed from the wall outlet (wall

• Keep the AC Adaptor away from the VCR if the

picture is disturbed.



• You can use the VCR with an outside power

source from the wall outlet (wall socket) even if
attaching the battery pack. The battery pack will
not lose its charge in this case.

You can attach the exclusive
“InfoLITHIUM” battery pack L series (on
version supplied) or the M series (optional)
(p. 14) to the VCR and charge it.


Attach the battery pack by
holding the center part (
1) and
sliding it in the direction of the
arrow (
2) until it clicks.

L series:

Make sure that the battery pack is not
inclined and is locked to the VCR

Using an outside power source
from a wall outlet (wall socket)
with the AC Adaptor

DC IN jack

DC plug

AC Adaptor

Power cord
(Mains lead)

To the wall outlet
(wall socket)



Charging the battery pack

Battery pack