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• Do not insert anything other than a “Memory

Stick Duo” into the Memory Stick Duo slot.
Doing so may cause a malfunction.

• Do not use or keep the “Memory Stick Duo” in

the following locations:
– Places subject to extremely high temperature,

such as a car parked outside in the summer.

– Places under direct sunlight.
– Places with extremely high humidity or

subject to corrosive gases.


On the Memory Stick Duo adaptor

• When using a “Memory Stick Duo” with a

“Memory Stick” compliant device, make sure to
insert the “Memory Stick Duo” into a Memory
Stick Duo adaptor.

• When inserting a “Memory Stick Duo” into a

Memory Stick Duo adaptor, make sure the
“Memory Stick Duo” is inserted facing in the
correct direction, then insert it all the way in.
Note that improper use may cause a
malfunction. Also, if you force the “Memory
Stick Duo” into the Memory Stick Duo adaptor
in the wrong direction, it may be damaged.

• Do not insert a Memory Stick Duo adaptor

without a “Memory Stick Duo” attached. Doing
so may result in malfunctions of the unit.


On a “Memory Stick PRO Duo”

• The maximum memory capacity of a “Memory

Stick PRO Duo” that can be used on your VCR
is 8 GB.

• This unit does not support high speed data


Notes on using “Memory Stick Micro”

• To use a “Memory Stick Micro” with the VCR,

you need a Duo-sized M2 Adaptor. Insert the
“Memory Stick Micro” into the Duo-sized M2
Adaptor, then insert the adaptor into the
Memory Stick Duo slot. If you insert a
“Memory Stick Micro” into the VCR without
using a Duo-sized M2 Adaptor, you might not
be able to remove it from the VCR.

• Do not leave the “Memory Stick Micro” within

the reach of small children. They might
accidentally swallow it.

On image data compatibility

• Image data files recorded on a “Memory Stick

Duo” by your VCR conform to the “Design rule
for Camera File system” universal standard
established by the JEITA (Japan Electronics and
Information Technology Industries

• On your VCR, you cannot play back still images

recorded on other devices (DCR-TRV900E or
DSC-D700/D770) that do not conform to the
universal standard. (These models are not sold
in some regions.)

• If you cannot use a “Memory Stick Duo” that

has been used with another device, format it
with your VCR (p. 62). Note that formatting
erases all information on the “Memory Stick

• You may not be able to play back images with

your VCR:
– When playing back image data modified on

your computer.

– When playing back image data recorded with

other devices.

This unit is compatible with an
“InfoLITHIUM” battery pack (L series/M
Your VCR operates only with an
“InfoLITHIUM” battery pack.
“InfoLITHIUM” battery pack L series have

mark, and M series have



What is an “InfoLITHIUM” battery

An “InfoLITHIUM” battery pack is a
lithium-ion battery pack that has functions
for communicating information related to
operating conditions between your VCR
and an optional AC Adaptor/charger.
The “InfoLITHIUM” battery pack
calculates the power consumption
according to the operating conditions of
your VCR, and displays the remaining
battery time in minutes.

About the “InfoLITHIUM”
battery pack

Maintenance and precautions (Continued)