Warning indicators and messages, Self-diagnosis display/warning indicators – Sony GV-HD700 User Manual

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Warning indicators and messages

If indicators appear on the LCD screen,
check the following.
You can fix some symptoms by yourself. If
the problem persists even after you have
tried a couple of times, contact your Sony
dealer or local authorized Sony service

C:ss:ss (Self-diagnosis display)


• The battery pack is not an

“InfoLITHIUM” battery pack. Use an
“InfoLITHIUM” battery pack (p. 78).

• Connect the DC plug of the AC

Adaptor to the DC IN jack of your
VCR securely (p. 12).


• Moisture condensation has occurred.

Remove the cassette and leave your
VCR for at least 1 hour, then re-insert
the cassette (p. 81).


• Clean the head using a cleaning

cassette (optional) (p. 82).

C:31:ss / C:32:ss

• Symptoms that are not described above

have occurred. Remove and insert the
cassette, then operate your VCR again.
Do not perform this procedure if
moisture condensation has occurred
(p. 81).

• Remove the power source. Reconnect it

and operate your VCR again.

• Change the cassette. Press the {RESET}

button (p. 87), and operate your VCR

101-1001(Warning indicator
pertaining to files)

• The file is damaged.
• The file is unreadable (p. 78).


(Battery level warning)

• The battery pack is nearly used up.
• Depending on the operating,

environment, or battery conditions, E
may flash, even if there are
approximately 5 to 10 minutes


(Moisture condensation warning)*

• Eject the cassette, remove the power

source, and then leave it for about 1
hour with the cassette compartment lid
open (p. 81).


(Warning indicators pertaining to

the tape)

Slow flashing:

• There is less than 5 minutes remaining

on the tape.

• No cassette is inserted.*
• The write-protect tab on the cassette is

set to lock (p. 76).*

Fast flashing:

• The tape has run out.*

Z (Eject cassette warning)*

Slow flashing:

• The write-protect tab on the cassette is

set to lock (p. 76).

Fast flashing:

• Moisture condensation has occurred

(p. 81).

• The self-diagnosis display code is

displayed (p. 72).

(Warning indicator pertaining to

“Memory Stick Duo”)

• A “Memory Stick Duo” is not inserted

(p. 18).

Self-diagnosis display/Warning