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6-Week Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to know that the Bowflex® Ultimate


gym is a superior product. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your

Bowflex® Ultimate

home gym , please follow the

instructions below to return your merchandise and receive a

refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling.
1. Call a Nautilus® Representative at 1-800-605-3369 or

write to Bowflex® at 1400 NE 136th Ave., Vancouver,

WA 98684 for a Return Authorization Number. Return

Authorization will be granted if:

a. You purchased your Bowflex® Ultimate

home gym

directly from Nautilus®; and

b. You are calling within 6 weeks of the delivery date of

your merchandise.

Returns should be shipped to: 1400 NE 136th Ave.,

Vancouver, WA 98684.
2. All returned merchandise must be properly packaged in

the original boxes and in good condition.

NOTE: You are responsible for return

shipping and for any damage or loss to

merchandise that occurs during return

shipment. We highly recommend that

you insure your shipment.

3. Please mark all boxes clearly with:


Return Authorization Number n Your Name


Your Address n Your Phone Number

Boxes without this information clearly marked on the

outside may be refused.

4. Please make copies of your original invoice and put one

in each box of merchandise. Your shipment must be

received within two weeks from the date the Nautilus®

Representative issued you your Return Authorization


Refunds may be denied or delayed if these instructions are

not completely followed. Satisfaction Guarantee applies

only to merchandise purchased by consumers directly from

Nautilus®, and does not apply to sales made by dealers or


What Does This Warranty Cover?

Nautilus® warrants to the original purchaser of the

Bowflex® Ultimate

home gym that the Bowflex®


home gym is free from defects in materials and

workmanship, when used for the purpose intended, under

normal conditions. This warranty is extended only to the

original purchaser and is not transferable or applicable to

any other person.

How Long Does Warranty

Coverage Last?

Residential: 10 Years on machine, No-Time-Limit

Warranty on Power Rods®
Commercial :
This warranty is void if Bowflex® Ultimate

is used in a Commercial Environment
This warranty covers all defects in material or workmanship

of the Bowflex® Ultimate

home gym. Warranties do not

cover commercial or institutional use or misuse and abuse

by the consumer. To make this warranty effective, you

must completely fill out the Bowflex® Ultimate

home gym

Warranty Registration Card within 30 days of purchase and

return it to the address on the Warranty Registration Card.

Warranty Does Not Cover

• A Bowflex® Ultimate

home gym purchased for

commercial or institutional use.

• Damage due to use by persons who weigh more than 300

pounds (136 kg).

• Damage due to abuse, accident, failure to follow

instructions or warnings in the Owner’s Manual, misuse,

mishandling, accident or Acts of God (such as floods,

tornadoes, power surges, etc.).

• Damage due to normal wear and tear.

What Nautilus


Will Do

During your Warranty Coverage Period, Nautilus® will

repair any Bowflex® Ultimate

home gym that proves to be

defective in materials or workmanship. In the event repair is

not possible, Nautilus® will either replace your Bowflex®


home gym or refund your purchase price, less

shipping and handling.

Nautilus® reserves the right to

substitute material of equal or better quality if identical

materials are not available at the time of service under this

Warranty. The replacement of the product under the terms

of the Warranty in no way extends the Warranty period.

Service Support

Call to speak to a Nautilus® Representative at 1-800-

605-3369 or write to Bowflex® at 1400 NE 136th Ave.,

Vancouver, WA 98684. You may need to return the defective

part, at your expense, to the address given to you by a

Nautilus® Representative. Always include an explanation of

the problem. Adequate protective packaging of the defective

parts or unit and cost of shipping are your responsibility.

The repaired part or unit will be returned to you at the

company’s expense.

How State Law Applies

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may

also have other rights, which vary from state to state.

Warranty Information

(Keep for your records)