Shoulder exercises, Military press – Bowflex Ultimate User Manual

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Shoulder Exercises



Muscles worked: This exercise emphasizes

the front portion of the shoulder muscles (front

deltoids and the front part of the middle deltoids),

the rotator cuff muscles, the upper back muscles

(trapezius), and the triceps muscles located on the

back of the upper arms.

Pulley position: Low pulleys only.

Starting position:

• Sit on the bench facing away from the Power



, directly over the low pulleys, knees bent

and feet flat on the floor.

• Adjust the bar harness to provide tension at the

bottom of the movement while still completing

the top of the movement.

• Bring the bar up to shoulder level.

• Keep your chest up, abdominals tight and

maintain a very slight arch in your lower back.


• Straighten arms overhead.

• Slowly return to starting position keeping tension

in the front shoulder muscles.

• Do not press from behind the neck as this places

undue stress on the joint capsule.

Key points:

• Keep the abdominals tight throughout the entire


• Maintain good spinal alignment.

• Do not let the arch increase in the lower back

while pressing up.

Military Press