Leg exercises, Lying (prone) leg curl, Standing hip extension – Bowflex Ultimate User Manual

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Leg Exercises

Muscles worked: This exercise emphasizes

the hamstring muscle group (biceps femoris,

semimembranosus, semitendinosus) on the

back of the thigh as well as the back of the calf


Pulley position: Narrow.

Starting position:

• Seated on the flat bench, attach the cuffs to the

respective ankles.

• Turn and lie on your stomach with your head

facing away from the Power Rods


. The cables

will cross. Keep your feet together and your

hands flat on the floor helping to provide stability.

• Move forward to provide tension in the cables.

• Look toward the floor to keep your neck in good

alignment and tighten your abdominals.

• Lift your knees very slightly (1/4 inch) off of the

bench by pressing your hips into the bench and

hold them completely still.


• Slowly bend your knees, moving your feet in

an arc upward and then inward toward your


• Then slowly allow your legs to straighten through

the arc described, returning to the starting

position without relaxing.

Key points:

• Keep your upper leg motionless during the entire


• Keep your abs tight and do not lift your hips or

excessively arch your back.

Lying (Prone) Leg Curl

Knee flexion

Muscles worked: This exercise strengthens

and develops the muscles of your buttocks area

(gluteus maximus). Remember, there is no such

thing as spot reduction. This exercise will not

remove fat from this area, but it will strengthen

and build these muscles.

Pulley position: Narrow.

Starting position:

• Remove the bench.

• Facing the Power Rods


, stand on the platform to

one side of the rail.

• Secure the cuff around the ankle (or foot)

farthest from the rail. Keep this leg bent at

approximately 90 degrees.

• You may stand erect or you may bend over 30 - 45

degrees from your hips (not your waist) and very

slightly bend the knee of your support leg.

• Keep your spine in good posture, with your chest

lifted, abs tight and maintain a very slight arch in

your lower back.


• Initiate the movement by tightening your glutes.

Extend your hip by moving your entire leg


• Slowly move your leg as far as you can, without

allowing ANY movement to occur at your waist or

your knee.

• Then slowly return to the starting position.

Key points:

• Make sure all of your motion occurs at your hip,

NOT your waist or lower back.

• Keep your abs tight throughout the entire


• Maintain exactly the same bend in the knee of

your moving leg throughout the entire exercise.

Standing Hip Extension

Knee stabilized in flexion