Important safety precautions – Bowflex Ultimate User Manual

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Important Safety Precautions

• Always read and follow the Warning and Safety

labels attached to your Bowflex® Ultimate

home gym. Do not remove these labels. If you

need replacement labels, please call a Nautilus®

Representative at (800) 605-3369.

• Read the owner’s manual and follow it carefully

before using the machine.

• Parents and others in charge of children should be

aware of their responsibility, because the natural

play instinct and the fondness for experimenting

of children can lead to situations and behavior for

which the training equipment is not intended.

• Never allow children to use the Bowflex® Ultimate

home gym unsupervised. To do so could result in

injury. If children are allowed to use the equipment,

their mental and physical development should be

taken into account. They should be controlled and

instructed on the correct use of the equipment.

• This equipment is under no circumstances suitable

as a children’s toy.

• Inspect your machine for any worn or loose

components prior to use. Tighten or replace

any worn or loose components prior to use.

Pay close attention to cables, or belts and

their connections.

• Never use dumbbells or other weight equipment

to incrementally increase the weight resistance.

Use only the Power Rods® that came with your

Bowflex® Ultimate

home gym.

• Set up and use your Bowflex® Ultimate

home gym

on a hard, level surface.

• Do not wear any loose or dangling clothing or

jewelry while using the Bowflex® Ultimate


gym. Stand clear of all moving components.

• Before beginning any exercise program consult

your physician or health care professional. Only he

or she can determine the exercise program that is

appropriate for your particular age and condition.

If you experience any light-headedness, dizziness,

or shortness of breath while exercising, stop the

exercise and consult your physician.

• This machine is meant for individual consumer use

only, and is not meant for use by institutions.

• Maximum user weight for the Bowflex® Ultimate

home gym is 300 pounds (136 kg). For your safety,

do not use or allow others to use the Bowflex®


home gym if they weigh in excess of 300

pounds (136 kg).

• Allow a workout area of at least 7’ x 9’ (2.1 m x 2.7

m) of free space for safe operation of the Bowflex®


home gym.

• Keep your body weight centered on the machine,

seat, or base frame platform while exercising.

• When using the Bowflex® Ultimate

home gym for

standing leg exercises, always grasp the Lat Bar on

your machine for stability.

• Keep out of the path of the Power Rods® when

exercising and make certain that observers also

stand clear of the Bowflex® Ultimate

home gym

when the Power Rods® are in use.

• Never move or adjust the seat while sitting on it.

Never stand on the seat.

• When hooking up Power Rods® do not stand

directly looking over the top of the rods. Stand off to

the side while attaching rods.

• Never attempt to exercise with more resistance

than you are physically able to handle.

• Keep cables and Power Rods® bound with the rod

binding strap when not in use.

• Before exercising, make sure the cable pulley

system is properly secured, properly attached,

and in perfect working condition.

• All exercises in this manual are based on the

calibrated resistance and capacity levels of

the Bowflex® Ultimate

home gym. Exercises

not in this manual are not recommended by

the manufacturer.

• Never attempt to exercise while the seat rail is

in the folded position.