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Skinfold Measurements

To accurately track your progress through this six-week program, it is necessary to take skinfold measurements.

By measuring yourself in this way, you will be able to determine your lean-body mass and your body-fat percentage.

The goal of this program is to increase your lean-body mass and decrease your body-fat percentage.

Please read this section carefully. Proper measuring techniques are essential to track your success. It is best to

have someone measure you. Measuring yourself can lead to inaccurate results.

Women Measure: Suprailium, triceps, and thigh

Men Measure: Chest, abdomen, and thigh


Stand relaxed. Pick up a diagonal

skinfold just above the crest of the hip

bone on the right side of the waist.


Stand with right elbow flexed 90

degrees and locate the center of

the back of the upper arm midway

between the shoulder and the elbow.

Relax arm at your side. Pick up

skinfold as pictured.


Stand relaxed with most of the weight

on your left leg. Pick up a skinfold in

the vertical plane on the front side of

the right thigh, midway between the

hip and knee joints.



Stand relaxed. Pick up a diagonal

skinfold over the right pectoralis

muscle, midway between the armpit

and the nipple.


Stand relaxed. Pick up a vertical

skinfold on the right side of the navel.