Arm exercises, Seated biceps curl, Seated wrist extension – Bowflex Ultimate User Manual

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Arm Exercises



Muscles worked: This exercise emphasizes and

develops the biceps muscles, which are located

on the front of your upper arms and are primarily

responsible for bending your elbows, as well as

the brachialis and brachioradialis.

Pulley position: Narrow.

Seated position:

• Sit facing the Power Rods


, knees bent with one

foot resting on the bench and one on the floor.

Angle the elevated leg toward the opposite pulley

(right leg toward left pulley).

• Grasp the opposite handle (right hand to left

pulley) and rest the back of your upper arm near

your elbow, on the elevated knee.

• Maintain erect spinal alignment.


• Curl the forearm toward the upper arm, keeping

your upper arm and shoulder blade completely


• Slowly return to the starting position without

relaxing the biceps.

Key points:

• Do not rock the upper body while bending your


• Keep wrist straight.

• Keep your chest lifted, trunk muscles tight and

maintain a very slight arch in your lower back.

Seated Biceps Curl

Elbow Flexion (in supination)



Muscles worked: This exercise develops the back

and top parts of your forearms and is critical in

helping to prevent injuries like tennis elbow.

Pulley position: Narrow only.

Starting position:

• Sit facing the Power Rods


with your knees bent

and feet flat on the bench.

• Grasp the handles with your palms facing down

and rest your mid-forearms on your upper legs

with the elbows flared out to the sides wider than

the shoulders.

• Be sure to sit far enough back on the bench to

maintain tension throughout the exercise.

• Raise your chest, tighten your trunk muscles and

maintain a very slight arch in your lower back.


• Slowly curl the back of your fists toward the


• Slowly return to the starting position.

Key points:

• Move slowly and keep tension in the back of the

forearms at all times.

• You can perform this exercise one arm at a time

to make it easier to focus and isolate the back of

your forearms, or you can perform it with both

arms simultaneously to save time.

Seated Wrist Extension