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Arm Exercises

Muscles worked: This exercise develops the

triceps muscle located on the back of the upper


Pulley position: Wide only.

Starting position:

• Seated in the 45 degree position, reach across

and straight behind your body, grasp a handle,

and bend your elbow until your hand is near your


• Keeping knees bent and feet flat on the floor, lay

your head back against the bench and straighten

your arm to the front.

• Then, reaching across mid-line, grasp the handle,

palm down, with the opposite arm.

• Pointing your elbow upward, hold your upper

arm at an angle consistent with the angle of the


• With your free hand lightly grasp the back of your

arm near your elbow, to give yourself a reference

point and/or to help stabilize the working arm.

• Raise your chest and slightly "pinch" your

shoulder blades together. Maintain a very slight

arch in your lower back.


• Keeping your upper arm stationary, straighten

your arm, moving your hand in an arcing motion

across your chest and over your shoulder.

• Fully straighten your arm.

• Controlling the motion, allow your elbow to bend,

returning to the starting position without moving

your upper arm.

Key points:

• Keep your upper arm motionless.

• Keep wrist straight.

• Tighten your triceps throughout the exercise and

control the motion on the way down.

Cross Triceps Extension

Muscles worked: This exercise emphasizes the

triceps muscles located on the back of the upper


Pulley position: Narrow.

Starting position:

• Face the Power Rods


, standing along side the

bench. Kneel with one leg on the bench, bend

forward at the hips (not the waist) and place the

hands on the bench. Bend the other knee slightly

and flatten the back by sticking the hips out and

lifting the chest.

• Support yourself with one arm on the bench and

grasp a handle with your free hand.

• Keeping your elbow bent, bring your upper arm to

your side, parallel to the ground, and maintain.


• Straighten elbow while keeping your upper arm

completely still.

• When arm is completely straight, slowly return

to the starting position.

Key points:

• Maintain spinal alignment.

• Keep your arm at your side and your wrist

straight throughout entire motion.

• Tighten the triceps throughout the exercise and

control the motion.

Triceps Kickback