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SIM Client

This section is displayed for those GSM gateways only that support the

2N SIM Star


system connection – remote SIM card function.


This subsection helps you send and receive SMS via the modules.


This section provides extra functions of the GSM gateway. At present, the GSM
gateway offers the Ethernet interface tracing (Network trace) and gateway
communication tracing functions. These functions help detect gateway installation
troubles (SIP communication debugging). The file format is PCAP, which is readable in
the Wireshark (

) program, for example.


BTS Lock

This section helps you set the BTS lock if the GSM/UMTS module supports this function.
The BTS ID containing cells are marked blue to indicate that the module supports BTS.
Set the BTS lock manually by selecting a BTS or depending on the BTS signal intensity.

Send USSD Command

This section helps you send USSD commands to a mobile network and display
subsequent replies.


You can also use the SMS user account for SMS sending/receiving. Refer
to the Web Configuration subsection for SMS user configuration details.


The USSD menu helps you, for example, obtain SIM credit or other
information from the provider. The USSD menu can contain multiple
levels. Use the semicolon ';' to access the next level. A USSD command
can be as follows, e.g.: