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4.9 External SMS Control

If this function is enabled for the active Telnet session, the GSM gateway automatically
sends information on an incoming SMS message. An SMS message can also be sent
using special commands.

AT – 'basic keep alive' command (answer 'OK')
AT!G=A6 – Activation of SMS control(can be activated only in one session at
same time)
AT!G=A55 – Deactivation of SMS control
AT^MS=ch – GSM module [ch] status
AT^MI=ch – GSM module [ch] info
AT^SX=ch – Request to list all SMS messages and status confirmations saved in
the SIM card / GSM module. Possible answers: *smserr(busy,list) or *smsinc
(ix=1–255) for each saved SMS or status SMS. End of list or empty storage –
*smsinc(ix=0), or *smserr 255
ST^SR=ch,ix – Request to read an SMS message or SMS status saved on the
SIM card. Possible answers: *smserr (busy,read) or *smspdu
AT^SD=ch,ix – Request to delete an SMS message (or SMS status message).
Possible answers: *smserr (busy,delete) or *smsdel
AT^SM=ch,len,pdu,csum – Request to send a message via GSM module 0..31
or via any GSM module (ch=32). Possible answers: *smserr (busy,write) or
AT^SG=grp[/id],len,pdu,csum – Request to send an SMS message via GSM
outgoing group 1..8. Possible answers: *smserr (busy,write) or *smsout
AT^SS=ch,mem – Command for an SMS storage change. Ch (0–31) = module
number. Mem (1;2;3) = SMS storage type

SMS Storages

Siemens/Cinterion: 1=SM, 2=ME, 3=ME
Ericsson: 1=SM, 2=ME, 3=ME
Wavecom: 1=SM, 2=ME, 3=SR
Huawei: 1=SM, 2=SM, 3=SM
SierraWir.: 1=SM, 2=ME, 3=SR
Motorola: 1=IM, 2=IM, 3=IM

(SM = SIM card, ME = module, SR = status report memory, IM = inbox memory)

Information Messages

*smsinc: ch,ix,sts,mem – An SMS message was received and saved into the
SMS storage.
*smsrep: ch,ix,sts,mem – An SMS status confirmation was received.
*smsout: ch[/id],ref,req – An SMS message was sent and not saved into the
SMS storage.
*smspdu: ch,ix,sts,len,pdu,csum – Content of SMS message or status
*smsdel: ch,ix – An SMS message or status confirmation was deleted from
position ix.
*smserr: ch[/id],ix,req,err,cms – Response to an error command.
*smssel: ch,cnt – Confirmation of an SMS storage change.