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4.6 Available Status Messages

The following list of statuses is universal and some messages may not be included in


2N VoiceBlue Next


GSM Layer Statuses

GSM Layer 2

INIT – GSM module initialisation start (follow PINREQ)
SIM0 – Module switch to internal SIM card (follow INIT)
PINREQ – Module PIN request (follow PINSET)
PINSET – PIN value sending to module (follow INFO)
BLOCK – Module blocked temporarily or permanently (see Layer 2 information)
(follow INIT)
SETUP – Module configuration running (follow IDLE)
SLEEP – Module sleep running (transition to BLOCK status) (follow BLOCK)
NWAIT – Awaiting GSM log-in (follow SETUP)
IDLE – Rest status, can start/receive call, execute AT&G command (follow
CALL – Call running (call establishing, connected call, call end) (follow IDLE)
CMD – Communicating with module upon AT&G command (follow IDLE)
INFO – Information loading from module and SIM card (follow NWAIT)

GSM Layer 2 Info for BLOCK

(block) – Blocked by AT&G command, terminated by module, board or system
Netw-reg – GSM log-in refused (not activated SIM), next attempt in 5..60
Clir-err – CLIR activation request refused, next attempt in 2..10 minutes
Mod-err – Defective or unconnected GSM module, next attempt in 2 minutes
Pin-err – Wrong PIN, permanently in BLOCK status
Sim-err – Defective or non- inserted SIM card, next attempt in 2 minutes
Log-out – Temporarily logged-out according to parameter X00
Puk-req – SIM card requires PUK
(undef) – This position of SIM card was not checked by gateway

GSM Layer 3

NULL – Rest status, ready for call
CINIT – Request of call to GSM (from Layer 4)
OPROC – Call to GSM is connected
CDELIV – Call to GSM is ringing
CPRES – Indication of call from GSM (from Layer 2)
CRECV – Call from GSM is ringing on ISDN interface
IPROC – Call from GSM is processed by ISDN interface
ACTIVE – Connected call
DISREQ – Disconnection request (to Layer 2)
DISIND – Indication of disconnection (from Layer 2)
RELREQ – Module release for another call (to Layer 2)
OVRECV – Reading of DTMF dialling from GSM (from Layer 2)
RELIND – Indication of module release (from Layer 2)