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3.3 Placing a Call

Place the call as described in the table below. The outgoing call opens in its own call panel, below any other
existing call panels. You will hear a ringing tone while X-Lite attempts to make a connection.


From the...



Dialpad or computer

1. Enter the phone number in the call entry field using the dialpad or

the computer keyboard.

If entering a softphone address, you can enter the entire address
(6045551212@domainA.com) or just the number (6045551212).

As you type, a suggestion for completing the entry may appear.
Choose the suggestion by using the Up/Down key and the Tab key
or keep typing.

2. X-Lite makes a call as soon as you choose the suggestion. If you do

not want to choose a suggestion, finish typing and Click the Call
button or press Enter.

Right-click a contact or
previous call

Contacts or History tab

Right-click an entry from the Contacts or History tab and choose Call.

Double-click a contact

Contacts tab

Contacts have a “double-click” action (page 44) that either makes an
audio phone call or starts an IM.

Single-click a contact

Contacts tab

Hover over the right side of the contact to reveal the click-to-call
button. Click to place a call using the primary phone number for this

Double-click a previous

History tab

Double-click an entry. An audio call is placed.


Redial button

• When the call entry field is empty, click the Call button.

• Or click the arrow in the call entry field and select a recent call.

An audio call is placed.



1. If the dialpad is not visible, click the Phone button at the bottom.

2. Click the numbers on the dialpad to enter the phone number.

3. Click the Call button or press Enter.

From an instant message

Messages window

Click the menu at the top of the IM window and choose Call.