D exporting contacts – CounterPath X-Lite 4.6 for Windows User Guide User Manual

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D Exporting Contacts

You can export your contacts to a CSV, vCard or PST file.

Exporting contacts to a file is particularly useful when you upgrade to X-Lite for Windows or X-Lite for Mac,
because you can then import this file into your new softphone and instantly populate the new contact list.


From the main menu choose Contacts > Export Contacts. The Export Contacts wizard starts.


When you click Next, the export starts. The result is:

For a PST export, the existing .pst file is updated to include the entries from the X-Lite contact list. If
Outlook is open, the entries immediately appear in the Outlook contacts.

All information in the X-Lite contact list is exported to Microsoft Outlook. Only information that can
be displayed in Outlook actually appears in the Outlook Contacts window. Typically this means that all
softphone addresses are exported (and stored in custom fields) but not displayed in Outlook.

For other formats, a new file of the specified type is created.