CounterPath X-Lite 4.6 for Windows User Guide User Manual

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Dealing with an Auto Attendant

If you know that your call will be answered by an auto attendant and you know what menu items you will
choose, you can include those menu items (DTMF) in the phone number when you dial it:

Before the first DTMF number, include at least one capital P.

You can include other Ps. Each P causes X-Lite to wait one second before sending the next character.

At the end of the input, you must include a ; character.

Example: To dial a number, add a 3-second delay and then press 44, enter this in the call entry field:


Example: To dial a number, add a 6-second delay, then press 1 then 3 then 2, each with a two second delay:


A capital X or , (comma) can be used instead of P; the following will work in the same way as the first example


Call entry field

The Call icon. Clicking the down arrow
gives you more call options, such as
video call or conference call.

Auto complete suggestions. X-Lite makes a call as
soon as you choose the suggestion.
You can change this behavior so X-Lite does not dial
until the call button is pressed (page 44).

For information on working with the call, see
“Handling an Established Call” on page 13.

Make sure you are on the Phone tab to place a call.