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Enable session timers

Default session time

A session timer is a mechanism to detect whether a call session is still active from the signaling
point of view. When the timer expires, a refresh is sent from one party to the other. The timer is
then reset.

• Turn on to enable session timer. Enter a value in Default session time.

• Turn off to disable session timer; refreshes will never be sent.

Session timer preference

This field specifies your preference for which party should send the refresh. The preference is not
a guarantee that the refresh will be performed by the specified party. The choices are:

• None: No preference.

• Local refreshes: Your computer sends.

• Remote refreshes: The other party sends.

• UAC refreshes: The user agent client (the party that initiated establishment of the

communications) sends.

• UAS refreshes: The user agent server (the other party) sends.

Hold Method

Change this setting only if your VoIP service provider advises you to do so.

Send SIP keep-alives

Typically on, to instruct X-Lite to send SIP keep-alive messages in order to maintain a “pinhole”
through your firewall for SIP messaging.

Use rport

Typically on.

Send outgoing request
directly to target

When checked, requests with a complete URI ( go to

If you check this field, make sure you also set “Send outbound via” (on SIP Account > Account)
to “Domain”.

Typically off. This field is intended for test labs and may cause problems in a NAT environment.

Table 6: SIP Account Properties – Advanced