Preferences – audio codecs – CounterPath X-Lite 4.6 for Windows User Guide User Manual

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Preferences – Audio Codecs

This panel shows all the codecs that are included in the retail version of X-Lite. You can enable or disable
codecs as desired. With only one codec enabled, all calls made will use that codec. With more than one codec
enabled, X-Lite negotiates a common codec with the other party.

You cannot change the properties of any codecs.

About Codecs

Audio codecs describe the format by which audio streams are compressed for transmission over networks.
Codecs can be categorized as either narrowband or wideband:

Narrowband codecs work with low bandwidth such as a dialup internet connection. These codecs have a
sampling rate of 8 kHz.

Wideband codecs work with high bandwidths and result in better audio quality. However, they do not work
with PSTN. These codecs have a sampling rate of 16 kHz.