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Preferences – Calls

Table 8: Preferences – Calls




You may need to change the DTMF configuration if you cannot interact with interactive
voice response systems (auto attendants, voice-activated menus, and so on).

Contact your VoIP service provider for the correct setting.


This timer controls how calls are disconnected when X-Lite determines that there is a
problem with the call and the other party has probably disappeared (assuming that you
have not yourself detected the problem and hung up manually).

Typically, the timer is enabled. It is recommended that you not disable it.

You can change the length of the timer, but do not set it to less than 30 seconds.

Preserve bandwidth

When this feature is on, X-Lite stops sending audio when you are not talking.

When this feature is off, X-Lite always sends audio, which uses more bandwidth but
may result in better call quality.

Typically off. However, if you are using a slow (dial-up or ISDN) connection, you may
want to turn it on.