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3.6 Handling Video Calls

Placing a Video Call

Calls made with X-Lite will work without a video camera, but a video camera is necessary to allow other parties
to see your image. X-Lite will work with most USB video cameras.

Adding Video

If you have a camera, you can add video to a call that started as an audio call.

Click Start Video (

) in the call panel. When you add video, the other party may (or may not) start sending

their video to you.

Other Party Adds Video

If the other party starts their video, your video window automatically opens and the video is played. You can

start sending your own video, if desired (and assuming you have a camera) by clicking Start Video(

) in the

call panel.

Click the down arrow and
choose Video call

From the Dashboard

From the Contact List or

Right-click the contact and
Choose Video Call