Video conference calls – CounterPath X-Lite 4.6 for Windows User Guide User Manual

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Video Conference Calls

Calls made with X-Lite will work without a video camera, but a video camera is necessary to allow other parties
to see your image. X-Lite will work with most USB video cameras.

Including Video in a Conference

When you start a conference from established calls, video is automatically included if at least one of the calls
already includes video and is sent to all the participants.

When you start a conference from scratch, video is not included. You can open your video window and choose
to add video at any time. Video is sent to all the participants.

How Video Is Shared

The conference host (the person who starts the conference) serves as the host for other video. Whatever the
conference host is receiving will automatically be sent to the other parties.

If the conference host pauses or stops video, other participants will no longer receive video.

This person has video.

This person does not have video. To remedy this
situation, stop video and start it again. Video will be
sent to all the current participants.

Closing the video window stops
sending video.

Mute. When you mute during a video call, you may also
want to click Stop Video to stop the video feed.