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3.5 Handling Video Calls

Placing a Video Call

Adding Video

If you have a camera, you can click Start Video to add video to an established call. When you add video, the
other party may (or may not) start sending their video to you.

Other Party Adds Video

If the other party starts their video, your video panel automatically opens and the video is played. You can start
sending your own video, if desired (and assuming you have a camera) by clicking Start Video on the call panel.

Pausing and Resuming Video

Click Stop Video on the call panel or close the video window to pause sending your video.

Click Start Video to resume sending your video; the video window will open.

Click the down arrow and choose Video call.
If you mostly make video calls, you can
Option-click this down arrow to reveal the “Set
Video Call as default action” menu item.

From the Dashboard

Show/hide video window

Start or stop video