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Account – Advanced



Register Settings

Reregister every

The time interval between X-Lite’s attempts to reregister in order to refresh the account
registration with the VoIP service provider for this account. A value of zero means not to
reregister after the initial registration.

This value is placed in the “Expires” header field of the



Minimum time

If the reregistration fails, X-Lite will wait this amount of time, then attempt to reregister. If the
second attempt fails, X-Lite will wait twice this time and try again, then four times this time, and
so on, until reregistration succeeds.

Maximum time

This is the maximum wait time between attempts to reregister. Once this maximum is reached, X-
Lite will wait this time for all subsequent attempts.

For example, the min. time is 20 secs, the maximum time is 120 secs. X-Lite will attempt to
reregister as follows:

• Wait 20 secs, attempt to connect.

• If fail, wait 40 secs, attempt to connect.

• If fail, wait 80 secs, attempt to connect.

• If fail, wait 120 secs (the maximum), attempt to connect.

• If fail, wait 120 secs, and so on.


Enable session timers

Default session time

A session timer is a mechanism to detect whether a call session is still active from the signaling
point of view. When the timer expires, a refresh is sent from one party to the other. The timer is
then reset.

• Turn on to enable session timer. Enter a value in Default session time.

• Turn off to disable session timer; refreshes will never be sent.

Session timer preference

This field specifies your preference for which party should send the refresh. The preference is not
a guarantee that the refresh will be performed by the specified party. The choices are:

• None: No preference.

• Local refreshes: Your computer sends.

• Remote refreshes: The other party sends.

• UAC refreshes: The user agent client (the party that initiated establishment of the

communications) sends.

• UAS refreshes: The user agent server (the other party) sends.

Send SIP keep-alives

Typically on, to instruct X-Lite to send SIP keep-alive messages in order to maintain a “pinhole”
through your firewall for SIP messaging.

Use rport

Typically on.